Elevate Your Pancake Game!

The IE Accelerator was finally able to test out the PancakeBot we will be integrating into our curriculum next year. What’s a PancakeBot? It’s a 3D printer that uses pancake batter to create its designs. “clicca qui”

In testing out the bot we realized that there are three very important variables to consider when printing pancakes: (1) the consistency of your batter, (2) the temperature of your griddle, and (3) the complexity of your design. If you get the first two right based off of the selected design, then the possibilities are endless. PancakeBot offers its own free software where you can upload pre-existing images or create your own to use with the printer. Then you can select how the printer will print the design – outlines and details of the pancake print first, get darker, and stay on the griddle longer. Once you flip the pancake, you can really see the design! It’s very fun, engaging, and the added bonuses being that your makerspace will be filled with a pancake aroma while you eat the end product. We look forward to sharing more with the PancakeBot as we incorporate it into our classes!

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Author: Tayte Olma