Design Studio: Innovation by Design

Last week, participants were invited to attend a Design Studio workshop for Moreno Valley College’s new iMAKE Innovation Center. The purpose of this workshop was to bring together students, faculty, administrators, and industry professionals to explore a wide set of ideas for the iMAKE Innovation Center and to create a shared vision. The Design Studio was led by Toby Ratcliffe Bothel, Director of Design, Engineering and Fabrication – Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES). The session incorporated brainstorming and design principle prioritization during a condensed, four-hour workshop. Toby was a seasoned facilitator who guided attendees through design analysis (design-critique) discussions, and used prioritization techniques to build consensus for adoption of initial design principles for the iMAKE Innovation Center. Through our partnership with Base 11 and use of the Design Studio, the attendees were able to generate draft design principles which acknowledged and were inclusive of community input. We look forward to building on the results from this workshop through continued progress on the design of the space.


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