Dale Dougherty Encourages Making as Part of College Experience

Dale Dougherty, Founder & CEO of Maker Media, presented “Bringing the Maker Movement to Community Colleges” at NACCE2016: Innovate Now, held in Sacramento in October. He indicated that the Maker Movement is a revival of hands-on learning in a whole new way. His comments included:

  • Maker spaces encourage play and allow participants to become immersed  in what they are doing.
  • Experiences in a maker space give students confidence because they can practice and get better as they develop their abilities.
  • The more students participate, the more they can become their own best critics, improve skills and find out what matters to them.
  • Building community gives students support to come up with ideas, development them and share their solutions with others.
  • Students, who make see themselves as producers, can solve problems and build something that doesn’t exist.

Watch Dale’s presentation from NACCE2016.

NACCE is a member organization of over 300 community colleges representing nearly 2,000 staff. Presidents, educators, administrators and center directors are focused on igniting entrepreneurship in their community and on their campus. NACCE has two main goals:

1. Empower the college to approach the business of leading a community college with an entrepreneurial mindset; and

2. Grow the community college’s role in supporting job creation and entrepreneurs in their local ecosystem.