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Sierra Makerspaces’ Faculty Maker in Residence, Steve Hunter, has shared two project-based lessons that integrate Making into curriculum.

Wire Catapult –
This project is a simplified version of our Tech-Explorer catapult. It uses only a block of wood, bent spring wire, release strap, and a screw. It only requires a simple jig to bend the wire and strap material, plus a couple of hand tools. A student or group of students can complete it in in about 45 minutes ready to use. This catapult has been used in math classes to teach parabolic motion and second order quadratic equations. Katie, Jeannie, and I have created and tested math lesions related to this maker project. It has proved quite successful in conveying more complex math principles by teaching them through a related kinesthetic activity. Our assembly instructions with pictures for the catapult exercise are in file. The catapult is designed to be built either in a makerspace or classroom. There is also a Power Point, lesion, and backup material in the folder.

Spectrometer –
This is the most complex of the projects. It can be built in various maker formats from all parts supplied to designing and fabricating each part from an engineering drawing. This spectrometer has many applications throughout the educational curriculum both in academic and CTE areas. Its .zip file contains the general description, engineering drawings, assembly instructions, and lesson related to lighting sources and energy. Louisa created a Corel Draw file which includes three entire sets of the required cardboard parts. This file is then loaded into the makerspace laser with the correct cut and etch speed and power settings. In a brief time there are three complete part sets ready to assemble. There is a general theory document which at the end has the students produce a wavelength scale as part of a math exercise. I have also been working with a Photo professor to deploy this exercise in his classes. Katie and I hosted a Flex activity on August for faculty and support staff where each participant made and tested this spectrometer using the makerspace laser to prepare the parts.

Some YouTube’s from our Colfax High School partner:

The Imprortance of STEM in Fashion Design – Louisa Hunter

Math of the Spectrometer – Jono Schwartz

Introduction of the Spectrometer – Steve Hunter

Building & Using the CNC Spectrometer – Jono Schwartz

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