Butte College – Maker Space Supervised Training and Skill Building

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MSP 300 – Maker Space Supervised Training and Skill Building

0 Unit(s)

Prerequisite(s): NONE

Recommended Prep: NONE

Transfer Status: NT

136 hours Lab

This course provides students with tutorial and training support using instructional aides, student tutors, and instructional technicians, to develop skills needed for modern computer-aided creation technologies used increasingly in a variety of traditional career tracks including creative arts, marketing, entrepreneurship and prototyping in engineering applications. The maker space course will allow for supported creation based choices made across programs and pedagogies to utilize hands on activities in a diverse cross-disciplinary environment. Since skills/proficiencies are enhanced by supervised repetition and practice, this course has unlimited repetitions for the purpose of meeting a legally mandated training requirement. Ungraded. Open Entry/Open Exit.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Independently access a variety of maker space equipment and learning resources to support individual academic goals.

  1. Effectively select and use appropriate strategies to support success in current coursework according to identified needs and abilities.
  2. Monitor the effectiveness of the learning strategies used and modify those activities as needed.
  3. Complete all coursework for the current semester with a satisfactory grade.

Created by: Daniel Donnelly