Comstock’s – Makers Wanted to Fill Manufacturing Skills Gap

The CCC Maker initiative was discussed in a recent Comstock’s article — Maker’s Wanted — as a way to address the manufacturing skills gap.

The article describes the project: “California is putting a lot of faith, and money, into these makerspaces in the hopes that pairing them with community colleges will help fill an impending skills gap in the state’s already struggling manufacturing industry. Thanks to CCC Maker Grants, an initiative of the California Community College Chancellor’s Office Workforce and Economic Division, 24 colleges throughout California, five in the Capital Region alone, are adding makerspaces to their campuses this year.”

“The tools are around manufacturing skills,” Pepper-Kittredge says. “It’s the starting place, the acceleration place, the R&D for manufacturing. Here they find possibilities they never dreamed of, and then school makes sense to them.”

The problem with viewing makerspaces as a solution to the manufacturing skills gap is that their innate purpose is to foster emerging technologies and talent, rather than fill current vacancies, Pepper-Kittredge says. “The makerspaces are the birthplace of the jobs of the future,” she says. “They’ve emerged organically to be entrepreneurial and to learn new technologies quickly.”

Read the full April 3, 2018 article by Karen Wilkinson at Comstock’s – Makers Wanted As American manufacturing struggles and California employers face worker shortages, will investment in educational makerspaces help strengthen local industry?

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