CCSF launches two Maker courses

The CCCSF MakerSPHERE team heavily emphasized curriculum development in the first quarter to ensure inclusion of two new Maker courses in the 2018-19 course catalog. A Curriculum kick-off meeting was held August 24th with robust attendance. A guided discussion and group brainstorming activity yielded direction for the maker Curriculum team–both an introductory and capstone course would complement existing curriculum and the newly launched course CNIT 214: Internet of Things.  Offered for the first time Fall 17, CNIT 214 was fully enrolled!

An interdisciplinary team from Visual Design, Art, Construction, Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Music and Theater Arts met weekly and worked collaboratively to meet our campus curriculum deadline. On October 26th, both courses were submitted to the curriculum committee for review.  The introductory course, MAKR 100: Introduction to History, Culture and Practices of Making is designed as a GE course, with possible IGETC attainment. The broad appeal and transfer design serve as intentional outreach to our campus community, with the goal of bringing more and diverse students to the framework of Making.  The capstone course, MAKR 400: Maker Capstone, will provide a culminating prototyping project based course for a developing Certificate in Maker Studies.

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