CCC Maker TAP Webinar – Makerspace Sustainability 1 – Valery

Join Suzanne Valery, Ed.D., as we begin the process of sustainability planning for your makerspace program. Suzanne is leading a process of critical evaluation to define the vision and mission of the Central Coast Makerspace Collaborative as the first step in developing a value proposition for the future of their regional network, and will share her expertise as an evaluator and grant writer.

Project teams can follow the key steps laid out in this webinar to re-examine the resources and components of your original Start-up process while developing milestones and collective impact outcomes for long-term success.

This webinar constitutes the first step in preparation for the CCC Maker Sustainability Symposium to be held at College of the Canyons on 30 November. Please use the attached Value Statement Worksheet and Data Collection Methods, referenced in the webinar. The slide deck may be viewed here.

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