CCC Maker Newsletter Provides January 2018 Update

The January 2018 issue of the CCC Maker newsletter provides an update on recent college makerspace activities as well as a review of results reported by the colleges as well as the grant management team.

The 24 participating CCC Maker colleges submitted their quarterly reports in January and below are cumulative results for the first six months of implementation:
  • Makerspaces
    • 24 colleges are creating makerspace communities with CCC Maker funding
    • 9158 students participated in activities in CCC Maker college makerspaces
  • Curriculumn
    • 81 student badges were earned
    • 292 courses accessed  makerspaces
    • 144 faculty professional development events were delivered
    • 303 faculty were engaged in college makerspaces
  • Community
    • 65 makerspace advisory meetings were held
    • 98 college blog posts described makerspace activities
    • 3951 ecosystem connections were documented
    • $808,951 in in-kind match was documented
  • Internships
    • 235 employers were recruited
    • 214 students recruited
    • 127 students completed pre-placement training
    • 2 internships were completed

Click here to read highlights of the grant management six month report and updates on how the educational makerspaces are impacting community college students in California in the January 2018 CCC Maker newsletter

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