CCC Maker Newsletter Provides December Update


The December issue of the CCC Maker newsletter highlighting recent initiative progress is now available.

Recent progress includes:

  • CCC Maker with the California Council on Science and Technology held a Fall Symposium on Makerspace Sustainability on Friday, November 30, 2018 at College of the Canyons attended by over 50 people.
  • CCC Maker with Sacramento City College completed the pilot of the eight session MakerMatic cohort internship program.
  • On November 11, Deborah Bird and Salomon Davila, CCC Maker Technical Assistance Providers, delivered a webinar to prepare colleges to participate in the Sustainability Symposium.
  • CCC Maker is collaborating with the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship to hold MAKE/shift, a national Makerspace Ecosystem Summit in Irvine California on April 24-26.

What students said about the MakerMatic internships experience:

I really enjoyed the ideation portion because of all the wild solutions we thought of.

The last day went really well as my team presented our idea to the business leaders.We had so much fun during this program!

To see the final results of all our hard work was rewarding and to have actual feedback from a established company was also a great opportunity. 

It was nice to see ourselves actually doing it! And not just imagining it.

Read the December newsletter to find out more about what colleges are doing in their makerspaces and other CCC Maker news.

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