CCC Maker Newsletter Gives August Update

Check out the CCC Maker August 2018 Update with the latest news on recent success at community college makerspaces.

During year one of implementation, dashboard presents the colleges’ submitted data on the CCC Maker website celebrating our collective efforts:

  • 16,566 students accessed makerspaces in 1216 student activities and earned 443 badges
  • 869 students were recruited for internships and 576 received pre-placement training
  • 600 employers were recruited and provided 209 internships
  • 195 advisory committee meetings were held & industry partners gave 2,227 match hours
  • 1,081 faculty members attended 360 professional development activities

CCC Maker college teams have been busy over the summer and the newsletter summarizes some of their activities to engage their community, develop faculty maker skills, provide internships and improve their makerspaces.

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