CCC Maker – Introduction to Mapping Ecosystems Using Kumu

ccc-maker-starting-profile-captureOn December 15, 2015 Amy Schultz with the NACCE conducted a webinar on how eligible colleges can start mapping their ecosystems using Kumu.

Colleges will receive an outline of possible connections to get them started and then colleges will add categories and connections appropriate to their region. Eligible colleges can provide the Kumu user name to Amy Schultz (schulz(at) to get started.

If you want to learn more about Kumu, go to the welcome  and read the help documents. Will Watson of Kumu was on the call and can be reached through support(at)

Deborah Bird, Technical Assistance Provider to CCC Maker colleges, also mentioned that colleges will be collecting data as part of the self-study and there will be some overlap with the ecosystem mapping. Colleges will get additional information in January.

connections-captureThe CCC Maker Introduction to Mapping Ecosystems Using Kumu PowerPoint and webinar will be posted shortly.

The next Ecosystem webinar will be on January 12, 2017 at 2 PM.