CA Economic Summit: Why California needs plan to rescue workers “stranded” by technology

The CCC Maker Initiative is referenced in the California Economic Summit article, Why California needs plan to rescue workers “stranded” by technology published on October 11, 2017 and written by Leah Grassini Moehle.

New initiatives like CCC Maker and New World of Work are supporting creative spaces for people to earn industry-valued credentials and learn 21st-century employability skills to keep a job and advance in their careers.

The article begins by explaining the workforce challenges California faces and goes on to demonstrate how CCC Maker and other California Community College Chancellor’s Office Workforce Development Initiatives are aimed at closing the skills gap and preparing students to contribute to their local economies:

California needs to think tactfully about how to help skilled and other stranded workers as the market faces unending, continuous change – public-private-civic partnerships with local community colleges is part of the solution.

“Stranded workers are those individuals who feel displaced in this economy and have a difficult time seeing their health and well-being in the economy to come,” said Van Ton-Quinlivan, vice chancellor for workforce and economic development for the California Community Colleges, in a recent interview with the Chronicle of Higher Education.

There are many Californians currently in this situation who feel this insecurity as technology drives trends like robots, autonomous vehicles and other so-called “job killers” become more commonplace in the dynamic California economy.

Read the article: Why California needs plan to rescue workers “stranded” by technology

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