Building Community with the Oahu Makerspace

Thank you so much to Nathan at Oahu Makerspace for giving me a warm welcome and impromptu tour of the makerspace. When the CCC Maker team travels, we always like to visit makerspaces to exchange ideas and see how other maker communities operate.

The Oahu Makerspace supports itself with memberships and projects completed for the community. Blacksmith classes are one of their most popular offerings. Often they are called when others can’t figure out how to repair or rebuild something such statuary on an older building. They also have a knack for customizing and repairing older equipment, keeping it running. Some of this older equipment produces income through custom projects. They also make custom stickers, coffee mugs, mouse pads and other promotional items.  Laser Engraving is another service offered as well as custom projects made on their CNC tools.

Like many CCC Maker colleges, the Oahu Makerspace does outreach to schools and organizes a mini maker fair to inspire making and innovation among the students and the community.

The Oahu Makerspace members often attend Maker Faire Bay Area to connect with other makers and makerspaces. We hope they’ll stop by the CCC Maker booth this year.

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