Brew Day v2.0

With some new fermentation science gear on the ground, Max Mahoney (Professor of Chemistry and makerspace champion) and I decided to spend a day brewing a pale ale, following our first brew day some months ago. Brewing is mostly a lot of cleaning…


…and sterilizing…


…and waiting. Waiting for things to heat up. Waiting for things to cool down.

Soon To Be Pale Ale

Sparging is my special gift.

I, Sparger

After the sparge, we checked the brix with our new brix checker.

Brix Testing

We weren’t even close, but realized that we were sampling from the top, which was largely water from the sparge. After the boil, we took another reading, and we were right where we needed to be.

Not Even Close

Here we’re transferring from the Robobrew to the new Ss Chronical fermenter.


The Chronical has a heating element, and we’ve got a chiller on the way. Here Max is setting the fermentation temperature.

The Number of the Beast

The brew complete, we set up a webcam to stream the bubbling so that we could monitor it over the long weekend. So far, so good! It’ll be maybe two weeks until we can sample the outcome.

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