Beautiful U.N.I.T.E. Masterpiece!

A beautiful masterpiece!

Photo & Edit by Angelique Doty

Allen Peterson and U.N.I.T.E. was involve with a certain project. In this particular project, He used the plasma cutter to cut out aluminum shapes to create a unique design made by the Landscape Architecture Class. The Aluminum shapes is a “Mock up” of a plan that the Landscape Architecture Class constructed for a future project.

Photo & Edit by Angelique Doty

The little metal sculpture will someday be built like posts or fenced around a building. The square bottom part will acted as a fence and the top parts with magnificent design, like birds and trees. It will act to give it a  unique design to help make the area it was located in very attractive!

This beautiful piece was created approx. 3 hours in only one day! 

Design Hub’s participation to this project supports the architecture students creativity. The Architecture class needed a miniature variant of the final project to be able to test out the original idea. In a way, They can predict upcoming obstacles or arrangements that may arise in the future.

Photo & Edit by Angelique Doty

From a photograph, Allen was able to set it up on a plasma cutter.

Future developments from this project is a metal trophy of a break-dancer for the winner of the Break Dancer Competition for U.N.I.T.E.

Further development from American River College tree logo on April 24 that Allen made.


Photo & Edit by Angelique Doty


This project has traveled to a few locations-

Design Hub to the welding location, Then back to Design Hub and then off to be displayed at the architecture class

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