Artist Kelly Tayler Creates Patio Screen Project

Kelly Tayler is an accomplished artist who works with custom mosaics, sculpture and painting, who graciously shared her current project with CCC Maker college teams who were visiting Hacker Lab powered by Sierra College on April 12 at the reception prior to the CCC Maker Curriculum Symposium.

Tayler took art welding at Sierra College two semesters ago. She then found out about the new Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining program at the HAAS Center for Advanced Manufacturing by Design at Sierra College and enrolled.

In the Sierra College CNC class, she learned how to design using Corel Draw. She joined Hacker Lab and was working on a personal project on the night of the CCC Maker reception. She explained that she was creating a decorative cover for her HVAC unit that is located on her patio. She designed the screen on Corel Draw and then had an outside firm do the CNC plasma cutting with a water a jet.

The community at Hacker Lab is so helpful … everyone genuinely wants to see you being successful.

She indicated that the environment at the makerspace is very friendly and supportive. “The community at Hacker Lab is so helpful,” said Tayler. “Niles and Heather went over my computer design with me to be sure everything was right before I sent off the files to get the metal cut. Another member, Mike, who was in my CNC class, helped me hold the sides together while I welded them. It is surprising that everyone genuinely wants to see you being successful.”

Once the welding is complete, Tayler will apply an acid patina and then clear coat it. She designed the screen with flexible stakes at the bottom so she will be a able to take this masterpiece with her if she moves.

Thanks to Kelly Tayler for sharing her project with the CCC Maker college representatives!

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