AHC Makerspace Club

Santa Maria, California–this Friday, Hancock College hosted a meeting to judge student interest in having a Makerspace club.  Over 30 individuals comprised of students and faculty came together to discuss how faculty could support the students vision of a Makerspace Club.  Over fajita tacos and Jarritos–Hancock students came up with some really far out ideas:

  • Youtube channel for the Makerspace Club
  • Stop motion animation maker event
  • Voice acting/recording makerspace
  • Twitch streaming of our makerspace events

Faculty explained the core concept behind the CCC Maker grant, including the four pillars of the project: Makerspace, Community of Practice, Curriculum Development, and Internships.  A representative from our community partner the Santa Maria Public Library was there to provide more context for the internship opportunities.  Two students who have been working with the library explained a usual day at the Library’s Makerspace, and the trials and tribulations they have overcome on the job.

The meeting was adjourned, with plans to host a table at the college’s career day in two weeks.  The next meeting of the Makerclub is planned for October 27th.

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