AHC Maker Profile: Ron Lovell

Describe the first time you remember making something:
“My making passion started with Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs, but I usually took stuff apart to see how it worked. Sometimes I could even put it back together. I once took apart my alarm clock and wired it together with my home stereo. It was so loud it woke the whole house!”

Why did you want to get involved in the Allan Hancock College Makerspace?:
“Since I was 15 I have been working in the restaurant business. We utilize the “maker” philosophy every day and I wanted to help students in the K-12th grade learn how to put ingredients together in a creative way to make healthy and delicious food, without waiting for Mom to make it for them.”

How long have you been at Allan Hancock College?:
“I started in 2001 and have been teaching Hospitality Management classes off and on since then.”

What courses have you taught/are teaching?:
“Intro to Hospitality Management, Supervision & Training, Profit and Cost Control.”

What is a favorite quote/animal/color?:
“‘Whether the job be big or small, do it right or not at all,’ Dogs all the way and if they made green ones, I’d be down with that.” (Special thanks to Ron for answering all 3 of our favorites questions -Editor).

If you had limitless free time, what is another maker hobby you would get into?:
“I would devote any free time to restoring classic cars.”

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