A Push from the Top

Santa Maria, California–After presenting at the ISAM 2018 conference, the Central Coast Makerspace Collaboration has capitalized on the momentum and found continued success with new avenues of outreach.  Allan Hancock College’s President, Dr. Kevin G. Walthers, has a regular column in the Santa Maria Times, and the focus of the most recent editorial has been the work of our community of practice for the makerspace.  While the college supports and commends our work with the CCC Maker grant and fostering a spirit of making in the college and community, we have not had the opportunity to utilize the clout and gravitas that Dr. Walthers can add to our outreach efforts.

Dr. Kevin G. Walthers

The timing of the article could not be better, as it will coincide with the start of the academic year and the resumption of the college’s regular Makerspace hours.  The importance of the Central Coast Makerspace Collaboration is in its ability to instill the maker spirit in the wide breadth of our community members, and most importantly the children.  As Dr. Walthers states: “[o]ur community’s Makerspace program is introducing a new generation to the concepts of entrepreneurship, creative construction and critical thinking” (2018).  We are excited to see what a new year will bring to our makerspace collaboration, and a little push from the top will no doubt aid in our efforts..

Dr. Walthers’ full article can be read here

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