1st visit to the Clean Makerspace Lab

On February 8th, 2018 we had a trial run of the new clean makerspace lab at Hartnell College. After spending the past few days cleaning the lab and getting new furniture (thanks to the college), we were able to see the new space being used by a group of local High School seniors (who will hopefully be attending Hartnell College this fall).
To complement the room decorations we combined Making with Engineering for this visit. The students used everyday supplies to make their version of a Rocket and their challenge was to make it as tall as our model and to hold the payload of 300 pennies. They all succeed, except that one group taped the platform to the table to make it stay.
Their visit also included a visit to other areas of the college that “Make”. Which is just about every department in the whole campus.
Welding – Where they saw college students making a trailer, and working on making signs. 
Construction – College students were working on creating frames, plus they got to see a tiny house that was built by their chaperone.
Automotive (this is not your average mechanic training) where they got to hear about the students tearing down and building engines, they got a mini lesson on how the electricity is ran through a car and how after taking the class they can make their cars run super fast, and their last stop was to see the computer labs that are used to teach Computer Aided Design for Engineering.
I would say that the trial was successful and the students left with a whole new meaning to Making, Engineering, and their local Community College in general. 

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