CCC Maker Information for Eligible Colleges

35 Colleges are participating in the Makerspace Start-up Seed Grant Program

Overview of CCC Maker

“Make” An Impact: Join the Statewide Community College Makerspace Movement

Vision: CCC Makerspaces will drive innovation in education, and California Community College
students will be prepared for success in STEM/STEAM careers that demand 21st century skills.

What: Funding for colleges to create makerspaces as part of an educational and workforce strategy.

$40,000 Seed Grant – 35 eligible colleges submitted the Intent to Participate letter and will receive
$40,000 to participate in Makerspace Start-up from December 2016-June 2017.

• Your college planning process will be supported with professional development, technical
assistance and other resources. The planning process culminates in a plan that your college
can use to move forward with your Makerspace and a proposal for an Implementation Grant
that begins in July 2017.

• $20,000 to be disbursed, on receipt of the Intent to Participate letter and $20,000 will be
dispersed upon submission of your Makerspace implementation plan.

$100,000 to $350,000 per year Implementation Grants – After the initial seed grant, submitted
proposals will be considered for Implementation Grants ranging from $100,000 to $350,000 per
year for two years ending in May 2019.

What’s Expected: Join the community and participate in webinars, attend professional development
events and apply innovative practices, to develop a plan that will:

• Develop or expand an inclusive makerspace that fits your college’s interests and capabilities
• Engage faculty to integrate making into the curriculum
• Facilitate student internships and work based learning
• Support students in preparing for STEM/STEAM careers
• Share best practices

Review Packet: The attached CCC Maker Start-up packet explains the resources that will support eligible colleges in developing a
successful makerspace strategy for your college.

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