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CCC Maker Regional Meet-up Held in San Bernardino

Photo Caption: Team members from Mt San Jacinto, Moreno Valley and San Bernardino Community Colleges at the San Bernardino Community College District Offices for the CCC Maker Meet-up on March 10th.

CCC Maker held a Regional Meet-up in San Bernardino, hosted by San Bernardino Community College District on March 10. Representatives from ___three # CCC Maker Colleges in the Inland Empire participated.

They heard presentations from Salomon Davila and Deborah Bird about the process of makerspace development and discussed with the Technical Assistance providers the unique opportunities and challenges at the community colleges in the Inland Empire.

They explored the student experience in the makerspace environment and compared their own experiences with generations of making within their own families, including everything from rebuilding car engines, to quilting and coding.

During the workshop portion, CCC Maker college teams, including administrators and faculty leads from science and math, graphic design and computer science, worked together with the TAPs to develop strategies for creating makerspaces for their communities. They shared the challenges of planning a makerspace linked to their college and suggested ways to make their makerspaces responsive to their rapidly changing regional ecosystem.

To help colleges prepare to take their initial research from the self-study and ecosystem maps into a plan, they followed a design thinking process facilitated by the Technical Assistance Providers, Deborah Bird and Salomon Davila. Participants formulated a shared understanding of their college’s unique opportunities, including the availability of dedicated space, existing mobile labs, and also considered the challenges of the student experience, including a high percentage of part-time students. Teams explored how the outcomes of the CCC Maker project aligned with their makerspace efforts including developing maker curriculum, building an inclusive maker community, offering student internships and work based learning, and participating with other colleges in a Community of Practice. With a regional community now in place, the teams determined their next steps in the makerspace planning process and are looking forward to their next follow-up meeting.

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CCC Maker Colleges New World of Work Training

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CCC Maker — Seed Grant Award Fiscal Reporting

How participating colleges get reimbursed – Toni Edgerton, Sierra College
March 14, 2017


CCC Makerspace Startup Webinar – Logic Modeling (3/1/17)

Creating a logic model to help develop your makerspace implementation plan. This webinar will share principles of logic modeling and suggestions on how to develop a preliminary logic model using information from your Self Study and Ecosystem Mapping.

PowerPoint Presentation: CCC Maker – Logic Model Webinar

CCC Maker Recent Trends in Academic Makerspaces (Webinar, February 17, 2017)

Highlights from the International Symposium on Academic Makerspaces: Makerspace challenges faced and met by institutions around the country and the world.

PowerPoint Presentation: CCC Maker – Recent Trends in Academic Makerspaces – Slideshow

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CCC Maker – College Self Study Webinar (Webinar, February 22, 2017)

Use data to inspire and inform your makerspace planning and development. This webinar will offer strategies to access and analyze online data on student success, completion and equity, graduate earnings and labor market information.

PowerPoint Presentation: CCC Maker – Self Study Webinar


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CCC Maker – Ecosystems Mapping with Kumu (Webinar, February 22, 2017)

In this webinar we will go step by step through the template upload process, demonstrate how to open and enter information in the table, then filter and decorate the map so that you can start to personalize your ecosystem map. We know that Kumu is a powerful tool and that we are just beginning to tap into the potential of this software. We look forward to working with you as we all develop our skills with Kumu over the next few months.

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Self Study Guide for Colleges Planning Makerspaces

This brief Self Study Guide was developed to help CCC Maker colleges use online data resources to help inform their makerspace Implementation Plan development. The intent is to offer tools and tips to help college teams gain insight into their colleges, students and programs. It can also suggest ways to use data to think about the requirements of your makerspace, curriculum and internship innovation. When collaborating with other colleges, it can create a shared basis for discussion within our community of practice.

This is not intended as an in depth data review, but as a tool to thinking about data as a useful resource in college makerspace planning.

College teams may also want to strike up a conversation with your college research department to let them know you are looking at data in this reflective and creative way. They will have insights into issues such as equity and student success that could also inform your thinking.

CCC Maker will soon follow up on this guide with an online webinar discussion that will be listed on the events calendar. You may contact Deborah Bird, Pasadena City College, CCC Maker Technical Assistance Provider to the participating colleges at deborah(at)cccmaker.com.

Cal-PASS Plus is one of the resources for colleges seeking data for self-study.

Cal-PASS Plus is one of the resources for colleges seeking data for self-study.